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What you should know about the cap rate

The capitalization rate is a fundamental concept in the commercial property industry, yet it is often one of the most misused and misunderstood.

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Transferring a property can take up to three months. Here's Why !

Once a buyer has accepted an offer to purchase, the seller must produce proof that that the bond application has been successful.The seller must then appoint a ...

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What's happening in the industrial property market?

There has been very little change in the industrial property market in the greater Cape Town area in the past 12 months.The market remains tenant driven with a ...

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We have recently seen a marked increase in premises that have been broken into when they are vacant. In fact, two of the properties which we have leased this m ...

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A security deposit is a refundable deposit that a tenant pays to their landlord before they move into a property. As long as a tenant abides by the terms of th ...

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Significant improvement in industrial vacancy rates

According to the South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) industrial vacancy survey report, the results for the first half of 2013 show significant ...

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What can an owner achieve by attending the AGM?

The root cause of most serious disputes in schemes is money. At the AGM, members have the opportunity to discuss, and have explained to them if necessary, how their money was ...

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Business and Property Owners Seek Alternative Loans

The release of the recent World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness report revealed that South Africa has fallen to 32nd place when it comes to the ease of obtaining a ...

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Property Funds moving towards cleaner industrial warehousing.

Property groups and investors in general are shifting to clean industrial properties focussed on light manufacturing, warehousing and distribution as harder manufacturing strug ...

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Experts predict a tough 2017 for SA's property sector

Experts are predicting a difficult year for listed property. Many forecasters have said that the sector won't get near double digit total returns this year unlike many years in the past where d ...

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The Best Investment - 4 tips on investing in industrial property

Real estate agents will always reassure investors and buyers that in the long-term, property does ultimately continue to appreciate, and that it is one of the most stable inves ...

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Limit on Foreign Ownership of Land in South Africa

At the State of the Nations Address (SONA) last Thursday, President Jacob Zuma announced that foreigners will no longer be able to buy land in South Africa, and will only be en ...

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The Legal implications of the Voetstoots clause & The CPA

When you buy something there is an implied warrantee that the object of sale is free from any defects. It is however possible, that one can contract out of this implied warrant ...

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Triple Net Leases - Are you Paying attention

There are many benefits to owning a single, double or triple net (“NNN”) leases. One of the most significant benefits is passing on the burden of operating the property to ...

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Impending Interest Hikes in 2016. How will this affect the property Market ?

For many of us the last round of interest rate hikes combined with the 2007/8 recession and the effect it had on our financial situation is still very fresh in our memories, it ...

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Are Homeowners Now Liable for Past Rates and Taxes?

On 29 January 2016, the Supreme Court of Appeal ruled in a matter that has caused significant concern within the property industry when it comes to liability for historical deb ...

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The impact of a ratings downgrade on Industrial Property

The decision by international ratings agency Moody's to place South Africa's Baa2 bond and issuer ratings on review for downgrade has serious consequences on the short- ...

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As a tenant can I terminate my lease early?

As a tenant, there are many reasons why you might wish to terminate a commercial lease. One unfortunately too-common reason is that your business hasn't been a success-- ...

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Mixed Messages

Much like gravity, South African economics is sometimes difficult to understand, and despite an uncertain market and flat economy, the local industrial property market continues to gain positive mo ...

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Sale versus Lease-Back in Industrial Property Transactions

Retaining control of production or operations while freeing up capital has become a necessity to many businesses, with lease-back deals offering exactly that. As a company, we’ve noticed a marked ...

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Expropriation Bill is not the Draconian law you may think!

The Expropriation Bill is not the draconian law property owners and investors may think. This is despite populist rhetoric centred on the need for more aggressive expropriation policies.


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Budget Reality - February 2019

You should rather drink sorghum beer than whiskey, and preferably do not smoke, unless you believe it remains a bargain. You will soon be able to visit our new national theatre, our new national mu ...

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